in the far-flung corner of a dream,

i see myself and

the way the sunlight swallows wayward tendrils


i look older than i’ve ever been,

but there is beauty in the way i hold my cup

so intrepidly


from my unearthly vantage point, i watch the steam spiral

upward, like a great staircase

and i wonder where it would take me


if i followed.


***Hello, world!  I have been drowning in grading, duties, and exams, but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t celebrate World Poetry Day, so here is my contribution to the cause!***


Home is relative

20161009_133125.jpgIt changes all the time.

For example, this morning I was living in your arms.

By afternoon, I had taken up residence in cobbled streets beneath the sunlight.

Only the universe knows where I will stake my claim tomorrow.




I moved to the mountain to get away from myself,

from all the voices that told me 

I was nothing.


I built a tiny white house on the edge of a cliff,

and in the process, I became



Nothing to no one; I forgot my own name

But from afar, I could see



Violence, destruction, hatred, and pain

But also

Joy, love, hope, and prosperity


I moved to the mountain to get away from myself, but in the process

I found myself; the one who sees, but feels


Bus on the Road to Nowhere


Daylight fades as I step inside

My chariot for the day

Belongings around me,

Whispers surround me,

Last call for passengers

We’re on our way


The city’s still breathing

Practically screaming

Each voice wanting first to be heard

Patiently we wait

We watch

We listen


Shades open, eyes closed

Through the window

The sun and the road meet the trees

The sun and the trees meet my dreams

Both competing

For my attention


The Muezzin’s song

Pulls me awake

As the sun makes its final bow

Citizens and travelers,

Devotees and nonbelievers,

Ride on, enduring



An accurate description of my trip to Şile this weekend in poem form to celebrate World Poetry Day! I can’t wait to nerd out with my students.  

To keep the ball rolling:

One of my all time favorite poems being read on one of my all time favorite shows 

Pay for your coffee with a poem today!