Türkiye’de Çok Kedi Var: Round 4

As I was looking through my photos, I realized I hadn’t posted one of these in a long time. I also realized that I take a lot of photos of cats.


Diggin’ this guy’s vibes


The only kind of cat fights I have to break up regularly…thank goodness



This cat reminded me of a clock


Also, there’s this.


And who can resist a photo like this? ❤

I’m certain I’ve said this more than once now, but the cat culture is one of the things I have always loved most about Turkey.  I’ve always wanted a pet cat, but feel that my living situation isn’t stable enough to make that kind of commitment.  In Turkey, I feel like I can love, pet, and take care of cats without the responsibility of being a pet owner because they are such a big part of every city and not completely wild.

Nöbetçi: A Day in the Life


Only two weeks into the school year and it was time for my first 24 hour weekend duty of the year…yay!  Honestly, it’s not so bad – especially in this nice weather – but it can get a bit dull wandering around an empty campus all day.  I decided to spice my long day up a little by documenting it in photos.


Rise and shine!



Breakfast time! (I love my simit with a little butter and honey)



Coffee to the rescue, courtesy of my husband!


I love being surrounded by art!



Admiring local wildlife


I could hear my husband’s music blaring from across the parking lot!


A visitor


Lunch, with lots of red pepper


A tunnel of pine


No kids?  On a day like this?


From the top of the hill


It just wasn’t a blackberry summer this year 😦


My favorite word in Turkish…look it up…you’ll see why


Doodling my way through study hall…

What a looooooong day it was.  I couldn’t wait to come home at 10, kick my shoes off, and sprawl out on the floor.  At least it’s one duty down now.

Çok Kedi Var: Round II


These cats were made for the camera.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, more photogenic feline friends seemed to cross my path.  I can’t help myself.  The cats here are so cute…and there are SO MANY of them!  Here is another round of Turkish cat sightings, in case anyone out there loves them as much as I do.


Spotted in Fethiye


On the streets of Burgazada…can you spot them all?


Sleeping at Starbuck’s…didn’t quite make it to the coffee


This cat was not impressed.


Cafe companion



A baby OWL named Sebastien was found all alone and rescued on campus last week.  ❤  Sometimes I swear this school is like a muggle version of Hogwarts.

Türkiye’de çok kedi var


Cat sunbathing at Ephesus

In Turkey, cats are king.  It’s no wonder that the first sentence I learned in Turkish was Ankara’da çok kedi var (There are many cats in Ankara), though after much observation, I’ve learned that the hordes of Turkish cats are not limited to Ankara’s borders.  They can be found literally anywhere:  inside a grocery store, in restaurants, in the streets, in classrooms, under your bed…  They are everywhere.  

I happen to adore cats…the bigger and fluffier the better.  They are so soft and loving, but also mischievous and independent, which is the perfect combo in my opinion.  I think it’s so fun to live in a place that seems to share my love of the feline kind.  Here are some snapshots of some of Turkey’s finest residents:


Hanging out by the boats in Eskisehir


Surprise!  A cat napping in my chair before class.


The most epic picture ever of a cat at an art shop (The “chat noir” looking at a “chat noir”)

So here’s the thing…my husband and I have been giving a lot of consideration to adopting a cat in Turkey.  There is a huge need for cats to be adopted here and we would love to give one a loving home.  The caveat is the fact that we will be going home every summer and also travel quite frequently throughout the year.  Are there any expat cat owners out there who could give us some advice?  How difficult is it to pack a cat on a plane for a long international flight once a year?  If we get a cat, it will be a commitment for the length of that cat’s life (we don’t believe in adopting it for a couple of years and letting it go if we move), so we want to make sure it’s something we can handle.

Any feedback is much appreciated!