A Brief Respite in Pamukkale


We had a doozy of a first week back to school, so what better excuse is there to take off on a relaxing weekend getaway?


The views were killer!

Not only did it seem like a good way to show some commitment to travel more on our weekends off this year, but it was also a great way to celebrate our EIGHT YEAR dating anniversary!  I can’t believe how the time has flown.  I was sneaky and actually managed to surprise my husband with this one.

DSC_0027 (2).JPG

Pamukkale (a.k.a. “cotton castle”) had been on my radar for awhile, especially once we found out we were moving to Turkey.  With slightly cooler temperatures and smaller crowds, it’s a great time to soak outside in the warm, geothermal waters.  It actually reminded me a lot of our time in Iceland, with its otherworldly landscape.  If you ask me, Turkey really doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for all of its geographic diversity.


The best part?  You get FREE entry to Pamukkale with the Muzekart, which is pretty much amazing.  Those cards are magical.


You can also trek through the ancient Phyrgian city of Hierapolis.  There is an archaeological museum that costs extra, but there are also several ruins that are included in the entry fee to Pamukkale.  My favorite was definitely this theatre built in 3 A.D!  It’s amazing how well preserved some ruins are…especially with people climbing all over them all the time!


Selfie fail

I’m so glad we finally got to see what Pamukkale is about and I’m pretty sure we’ll be heading back before too long.  If we have more time next time, I’d love to go through the museum and Antique Pool, even though they cost a little extra.  I’m a sucker for both spas and museums.



DSC_0026 (2).JPG

Far too soon,we had to return – sunburnt, happy, and refreshed.

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