Here Comes the Sun


It has been a beautiful couple of days.  The weather has been amazing and so has just about everything else.  It’s Victory Day here in Turkey, which meant we got the day off from planning and meetings, so we soaked it up.  We started our morning with cups of turk khavesi on our roof terrace (which we never get to enjoy while students are here) after a night of dancing and mojitos on our friends’ roof terrace.


Our other big project of the day was starting to *finally* make our lojman feel a little more like home.  We got ourselves a pretty cool Turkish rug, among a few other things, so I’m hoping our space will be more or less complete in the next couple of months.


I still can’t believe this is the view from our bedroom window

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve been making some plans for the upcoming Bayram.  We will have about a week and a half off, so we’re planning to spend a few days in Istanbul and then fly to Milan, from which we will be heading to Cinque Terre!!  I’m so excited!  I’m glad it’s still a couple weeks away though because I’ve been enjoying all the peace and quiet at home.

I’m feeling like a very lucky human today.  More beautiful days are ahead.

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