Just Call Me Dorothy


We were welcomed back to the Land of Oz in the most cliche way possible:  not one hour after crossing the Kansas border for the first time in a year and we were met with an ominous wall of clouds.  It looked pretty spectacular, but as we kept moving on the highway, we noticed that the color of the sky didn’t look quite right, and before we knew it, tree limbs and litter were flying across the highway and ferocious winds made keeping the car in line a struggle.

DSC_0094We turned on the radio to see what was going on, and sure enough, a tornado was on the ground not far from where we were driving.  The heavy rains started about two seconds after that and the weather man announced that nickel sized hail would be soon to follow. Needless to say, it was time to pull over and find shelter.  We somehow made it to a gas station through all of that crazy rain to wait out the storm.


Luckily, the storm dissipated quickly and we were able to get back to my grandparents’ house at a decent hour.  I just couldn’t stop staring at that sky.  I had  forgotten how ridiculously beautiful the sky is in Kansas.  These pictures don’t do it justice at all since they were taken out of a car window on the highway.


There really is no place like home.

4 thoughts on “Just Call Me Dorothy

  1. Brittany——–I Just wanted you to know i subscribe to– Going groundless and Just Love reading about You and Your husbands Life Journeys!! “Glad Your back in Kansas Dorthy!!!”————Love you Lori McKinstry—-remember Me? I use to work with your Momma when she worked at Dillons!! She moved on and i’am Still there!!–Just Love Your Pictures and world News!! By the way You will have to write a book You are such a Great Writer!!!

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