Peachy Keen at Peach Park


Me and my MIL at the giant peach

After a rather rough first week back in the States, it was nice to spend a weekend out and about to distract us from all of the recent chaos.  We made a trip out to Clanton, AL, which is famous for its peaches.  I mean, you can’t really say you’ve been to the South if you haven’t stuffed your face with peaches, pecans, and fried everything.


This right here was the highlight.  Peach cobbler and homemade peach cheesecake ice cream.  Fresh. Refreshing. Decadent.  Perfection.  It was hard to keep it down to one scoop!



There isn’t much that beats the smell of fresh peaches in the sunshine.


Of course, we couldn’t walk away without buying some delicious things in jars.  We got peach butter, peach hot sauce, peach jam, homemade pickles, and peach salsa.  I can’t wait to devour it all!


Last, but not least, we were fascinated by this creepy trash can.  Is it a bear?  A pig?  A mix of both?  Either way, it was delightfully terrifying.

If you’re in the area, keep in mind that you don’t have to go all the way to Georgia to get good peaches!

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