Sad and Uncertain


It seems like an hour can’t go by without some other attack, someone else being killed, someone else’s life being torn apart.  Now, the future of Turkey is uncertain, as is my future there.  All I can do is watch from afar and hope for the best for my second home.  Above all, I’m hoping that my friends, students, and their families are safe.

2 thoughts on “Sad and Uncertain

  1. It sounds as though you aren’t here in Turkey at the moment. If so, come on back as you can. I feel as though I am part of an ever shrinking community of international teachers and that saddens me. Yes, last night was quite an adventure. No, I do not know what the future will bring. But I still love my kids and community here and wouldn’t leave it for the world. Personally, I don’t think things are nearly as bad as the media likes to hype it.


    • We’re back in the States for the summer. We certainly hope to be back! It looks as though things are calming down, which is hopeful. But yes, it seems like Turkey is becoming more and more closed off to the international community. Turkey has really become our second home and I don’t want anything to change that. It’s a place that people need to see for themselves to understand; the media often does make it out to be worse than what it is.

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