Beirut in Beşiktaş


Definitely need to buy a better camera this summer.

My husband and I have both celebrated our birthdays in the last couple of weeks, so we treated ourselves to a birthday concert to see one of our favorite bands, Beirut!  We both fell in love with the band (and each other ;)) in high school, back when they did their first takeaway show for La Blogothèque, so it was pretty epic to finally be able to see them live! We even splurged on front row tickets.


Chilling out before the show!

Before the show, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon around Istanbul, which was very welcome after a week full of rain.  We’re trying to soak up as much of the city life as we can before spending the summer in small town America.   We started off in Kadıköy with a fabulous lunch at a Moroccan restaurant, which is actually run by a Moroccan family.  It may not sound like a big deal, but it is seriously difficult to find any kind of non-Turkish food in Turkey, so it was really nice to stumble onto something different.



These appetizers were INCREDIBLE!

I got to chat with the owners in French and sample the most amazing tea I’ve ever had.  If you’re just in Turkey for a visit, you should definitely focus on the Turkish food, but if you’re living as an expat or student in Turkey and are craving a little break from the monotony, I highly recommend this place.


Ortakoy Mosque…this picture really doesn’t do it justice

After lunch, we took the ferry over to Beşiktaş and wandered over to Ortakoy, a lovely neighborhood with a great view of the Bosphorus.  We had a few hours before the show, so we stopped to have some coffee and do some souvenir shopping for family.


It was a beautiful evening for a concert, which was lucky because it was an outdoor venue.  Zach Condon’s voice sounded just as amazing in person as it does recorded, which kind of blew my mind a little bit.  I was, however, a bit surprised by the lack of energy in the crowd.  There was almost no movement!  I guess it was just that mesmerizing? I’m not gonna lie…I was secretly hoping he’d perform Şiki Şiki Baba and that the crowd would do a giant halay.   Still…it was pretty great to see them live!

I’m looking forward to future concerts in Istanbul, though I’d like to check out some of the smaller venues.  In either case, it seems I will have to wait until August since there are only a few weekends left before I have to go back to the States for a couple of months.  Insanity!

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