Peace and Quiet in Şile


While most of the time I love having better access to big cities, the small town girl in me occasionally craves a little tranquility, without all the crowds, chaos, and cacophony. We felt like we’d been spending a lot of time in cities recently, so we really wanted to spend a weekend somewhere quiet and relaxing.


Our purpose for this was twofold:  1) It’s been a stressful couple of weeks (#teacherprobs) and 2) We wanted a place where we could focus on a weekend full of creative writing, something we both enjoy and neglect far too often.


It turns out, our hotel was the perfect inspiration for a weekend of writing.  It was a cute, cabin-like room with warm details like colorful carpets and warm, fuzzy plaid blankets.  It also happened to have an amazing shower and great breakfast.  Also, there were chickens outside.


Şile itself is an absolutely beautiful coastal town, which is technically still part of Istanbul, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  The rocky cliffs, turquoise waters, and mossy green paths made me feel like I was worlds away – exactly how I wanted to feel while I was imagining other worlds of my own.  Strangely, parts of it reminded me of Iceland, which made me a little nostalgic.


This weekend was exactly what we needed to refresh before the upcoming exam weeks.  The only thing that was missing was some good coffee, but really, how can I complain in a place this beautiful?


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