A Package from the Motherland


Once I’d become more acquainted with Turkish bureaucracy – especially with anything that requires more than one step – I stopped holding any kind of high hopes for getting a care package from the States.

Despite this, once the holidays rolled around, my family was eager to send us things that we could open, despite my warnings that it would likely be difficult and expensive and may never reach us in the first place.

Much to my delight, I received an email this afternoon stating that a package was waiting for me in the secretary’s office – a package that I knew could only be from home!  I picked it up, and sure enough, it was from my loving grandparents.  The package even smelled like Christmas, due to some Christmas-scented sachets that were hidden away inside.


Getting closer

I could hardly wait to get it home and open it.  I was actually running with it like a crazy person, all the way back to our lojman.  Anybody on campus who didn’t already think that Americans were nuts have probably changed their minds now.

The anticipation was building as I cut through several layers of tape, anxious to see what was inside.  When I finally got the box open, I shrieked with excitement because…


The loot

…THERE WERE PRESENTS INSIDE!! Actual, wrapped presents!  It was so awesome to have so many things to open!  We quickly (but not too quickly) unwrapped them to discover mouth-watering treats from home (pictured in the top left), Christmas-scented goodies, and some adorable Christmas decorations.  It was the best thing ever.

When you live so far away from friends and family, “home” can seem like a long-distant memory and it’s usually just easier not to think too much about the things that you miss.  I can now say that I totally understand the power of a care package.  It’s a reminder that, even when you’re really far away, home is still home and the people there still think and care about you.  Also, nothing says comfort like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

I am definitely looking forward to future care packages now. (no pressure to friends and family out there reading this ;)) I am so happy now that I know that I can actually receive mail here.  HUGE thanks are in order to my amazing grandparents for making my entire week with this package!! I really needed this today.

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